“Prepare to feel as if you have fallen into another world, one that feels ‘old-fashioned’ but is clearly very modern, very high tech and very dangerous.” Tome Tender Book Blog

A camper travels the back roads of America, but it is not what it seems. Pursued by powerful forces: a mastermind, a maniac, and a terrorist, its crew wonders if they’ll ever reach Journey’s end.

When Eloise Corwin – a longtime patient in her desert hometown’s infirmary – finds a wounded young traveler sharing her sick room; she insists that he tell her about his adventures. The young man, Orson Gregory, tells her how he found and stole a glowing gemstone, hidden for decades beneath the government-built factory beside his family farm. He tells her how he’s been chased ever since – by madmen and their operatives, by terrorists, and by other, stranger enemies. He tells her how he threw in his lot with a mythology professor, an innkeeper, a duo of hired guns, and a real adventurer on a cross-country quest to clear his name and return home – something he’s currently failing to do.
    Have you imagined yourself in your favorite stories, on a journey, wielding magic, trying your hand at heroism or villainy? Imagine being in that story – you, just as you are – you have no magic powers, and there’s no destiny to keep you safe, as bad luck and dumb choices drag you into a world of myth. That’s Orson Gregory’s lot as he finds himself chased by mysterious and magical enemies across the back roads of America. Hear in his own words, of his journey from an ordinary life to one of maniacs, monsters, and mercenaries. To reach safety, he and these motley travelers will first have to deal with each other, evade the foes that follow their every move, and tangle with other forces both strange and powerful, their fellow travelers on the Wayfarers Highway.
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More Praise for Wayfarers Highway

     “An intriguing and wildly entertaining novel. It mixes the fantastical and the everyday, which in effect makes the fantasy elements more realistic, and even plausible. Thoughtfully written and conceived, it’s the rare novel that manages to have feet in two genres - fantasy and literary fiction - while being successful at both. Plainly, you won’t read another book like Wayfarers Highway.” Henry Baum (SPR)

     “Definitely a well-timed and thought-provoking read, this is a book I’d recommend to any readers of fantasy out there.” Rite of Word Reviews

     “There is a fine line between supernatural and pure magic, and this story has both. Orson made a friend on his journey, and Petrack gained a new fan.” Bookshelf Reviews

     "I really enjoyed this epic tale of adventure, one that was told in a really clever way. The author captured both Eloise and Orson’s characters well, which drew me in right away. By the time I finished I still wanted more… I could have easily read a book twice as long! Brilliant, I can’t wait to read more from this author." Samie Sands (Author of the AM13 Outbreak Series)

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