Wayfarers Highway – the Original Novel

There are many stories of fantasy and mystery, but Orson’s account offers a gripping vision of an ordinary person forced onto a quest, as well as the perseverance and will that can make anyone a legend.

Before he unearthed hidden artifacts, crossed paths with supernatural powers hiding in plain sight, or clashed with world-changing conspiracies, Orson Gregory was an average young man.  But framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Orson accidentally unearths a secret coveted by forces both magical and mundane.

Dreaming of returning home, Orson flees into the eerie fringes of the everyday world, accompanied by an eccentric band of fellow wanderers. In a novel that mixes the spectacle of high-concept fantasy and the thoughtfulness of a modern road story, experience the legendary Orson Gregory’s first adventure across the mythic Wayfarers Highway.

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